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Prof. Breymann is extremely pleased to be part of the portrait series "Artists of Medicine" created by the artist Bettina Reichl. The long-awaited world premiere took place on 16 June 2022, where the artworks were exhibited at the vernissage.

The photos are published on with the permission of Bettina Reichl. The images may only be used with the consent of the artist. All copyrights remain with Bettina Reichl.

Childbearing: coagulation disorders (genes studied: F2, F5)

March 2, 2023

In the case of congenital coagulation disorders, changes can be detected in certain genes that influence blood coagulation. This can increase the tendency to thrombosis during pregnancy. The most commonly inherited thrombophilias are Factor V Leiden and Factor II (prothrombin), affecting 3-11% of the population....

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Unfulfilled desire to have children and complications in pregnancy. What role does genetics play?

March 1, 2023

A possible cause of an unfulfilled desire to have children or complications during pregnancy can be genetic predispositions, for example for celiac disease, pregnancy cholestasis or a coagulation disorder with a tendency to thrombosis - even if you do not notice any of these, feel healthy and have no family history....

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Humanitarian mission: van becomes ambulance

February 1, 2023

Through a private initiative and the long-standing contact with a maternity clinic in the Ukrainian capital Kiev, we decided on the following commitment a few weeks ago. The converted van has been in humanitarian use for a few days.

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