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The "puzzle" of wanting a child

A puzzle is made up of many pieces. Sometimes only small pieces are missing to form a real picture of it and to fulfil the wish to have a child.

Again and again, couples with an unfulfilled desire to have children come to us, where we discover previously undetected problems that we can often solve. Through our network of specialists, they benefit from our search for the pieces of the puzzle that may be missing in their case.

Our goal and my passion is to find them and help them from the desire for a child to the desired child. We look for individual solutions for you and listen to you carefully.

Counselling for those wishing to have children or before pregnancy

Before every pregnancy and the desire to have children, there is appropriate planning.

Preparation for pregnancy is important and the time of conception and early pregnancy can be planned and positively influenced, for example, by orthomolecular medicine (vitamins, nutrients, minerals).

We create their individual needs and profiles and adjust supplementation with vitamins and minerals and trace elements accordingly.

To support your desire to have a child, we have developed the nutritional supplement "Fertility Swiss" by Prof. Breymann, which provides you with all the important vitamins before a planned pregnancy.

Man Swiss for men

Man Swiss" was developed to improve the partner's sperm quality.

Diagnostic and surgical interventions for infertility

Unfulfilled desire to have children can also have organic or anatomical causes, for example malformations of the uterus such as so-called "septa", uterine polyps or myomas or blocked fallopian tubes after operations or after inflammation or endometriosis.

At our centre, we perform diagnostic and therapeutic examinations that can support you in your desire to have a child or make pregnancy possible. These include contrast sonography and diagnostic and therapeutic uterine endoscopy (hysteroscopy), in which polyps or septa (membranes) in the uterus are removed, for example.

Orthomolecular medicine

As a gynaecologist with a special interest in iron and vitamin research, I had been wondering for a long time why my patients suffered from vitamin and mineral deficiencies, even though they were taking various types of supplements, which they showed me during the consultation.

Often several products were mixed because there was no "all-in-one" solution for women that was safe, effective and easy to use.

For about 20 years I have been working with orthomolecular medicine and its possible applications in gynaecology and obstetrics. This interest led to the development of the "Pura Swiss" vitamin line and the various indications such as fertility and pregnancy, immune system, healthy ageing, skin and hair and a product for men.

Intrauterine insemination (IUI)

Intrauterine insemination is a "simple" and risk-free method of artificial insemination, whereby prepared sperm from the partner is applied specifically after ovulation via a thin plastic catheter. The procedure is generally low-pain and low-risk and can be performed on an outpatient basis.

We will be happy to explain the possible indications, the procedure and which couples are suitable. Please feel free to contact us at any time for a consultation.

Kinderwunch Square

Artificial insemination, IVF, egg donation and egg preservation ("social freezing")

In the field of the above-mentioned assisted reproduction procedures, we will be happy to advise you on the selection of suitable partner centres with which we cooperate. We often carry out the first important examinations in preparation for artificial insemination.

We are also happy to support you during artificial insemination according to the wishes of the centre treating you at home and abroad.

Desire to have children - Interview series with Andrea Rinderknecht

When it doesn't work out with getting pregnant, many women first see the cause in themselves. However, the reasons for an unfulfilled desire to have a child lie equally often with the woman, the man or the combination of woman and man. Around 10-15 percent of Swiss couples have difficulties in fulfilling their desire to have children. In the following videos, Andrea Rinderknecht and Prof. Dr. Christian Breymann discuss some of the issues surrounding the desire to have children.

Desire to have children - new average age #1

20 November 2018

Andrea Rinderknecht asks Prof. Dr. med. Christian Breymann about women's desire to have children and the new average age. Prof. Dr. med. Christian Breymann reports on the new, higher average age for women's desire to have children and the equally new dark figure of young women who...

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Desire to have children - many reasons for infertility #2

22 November 2018

Andrea Rinderknecht with Prof. Dr. med. Christian Breymann about the importance of detailed information for young couples. Because infertility is virtually a jigsaw puzzle of possible factors, detailed information with the appropriate sensitivity from young couples - i.e. woman and man -...

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Desire for children - the highly individual status determination #3

24 November 2018

Andrea Rinderknecht with Prof. Dr. med. Christian Breymann about the importance of a detailed diagnosis to substantiate infertility. Only when it has been determined exactly which small building blocks of anatomical and hormonal reasons are responsible for the unfulfilled desire to have children in total, can...

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