Networks and partners

Cooperations Medicine

Perinatal medicine and obstetrics

  • Clinic for Obstetrics, University Hospital Zurich (Prof. R. Zimmermann)
  • Clinic for Neonatology, University Hospital Zurich
  • Academy for Feto Maternal Medicine Switzerland (AFMM)
  • Children's Hospital (KISPI), Zurich
  • SGUM (Swiss Society for Ultrasound in Medicine)
  • GE Switzerland

Genetic clarification and counselling and reproductive toxicology

  • Genetica AG, Zurich
  • Institute of Genetics, University Hospital Zurich (Prof. Anita Rauch, MD)
  • IMD, Institute for Medical and Molecular Diagnostics, Zurich
  • Institute for Reproductive Toxicology, Germany (Dr. W. Paulus)
  • SAPP Swiss Working Group for Perinatal Pharmacology

Stem cells and stem cell technology

  • Auxocell Inc. / USA (Prof. K. Cetrulo)
  • Vita 34, Germany
  • Famicord Switzerland
  • Nescens Switzerland
  • Institute for Regenerative Medicine and Wyss Translational Center (Dr. S. Zeissberger)

Psychological support for high-risk pregnancies or after stressful births

  • Klaus Grawe Institute, Zurich
  • Dr Corina Hottinger, FMH Psychiatry

Fertility centre and endocrine reproduction

  • Clinic for Fertility and Reproductive Medicine, University Hospital Zurich
  • OVA Zurich, Dr P. Fehr
  • GYNART Zurich
  • Procrea Lugano (Dr M. Jemec)

Nutrition, iron deficiency, anaemia, blood clotting

  • Pura Swiss Switzerland
  • Vifor, Pierre/ Fabre Robapharm Switzerland
  • International Society of PBM (Patient Blood Management)
  • NATA (Network on Transfusion Alternatives)

Operative obstetrics and new surgical techniques

  • NESA, New European Surgical Academy (Prof. M. Stark)

Laser therapy

  • DEKA Switzerland

Medical Start-up / PCR Technology in Medicine