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Prof. Dr. med. Josef Wisser

Specialist FMH for Gynecology and Obstetrics

Languages: German, English

Consultation hours by appointment.

Hirslanden-Seefeldstrasse 214

Prenatal diagnostics with Prof. Dr. med. Josef Wisser

  • 2 Trimester Screening & Fine Diagnostics
  • Miscarriage clarifications (all weeks of pregnancy)
  • Second opinions on questions of prenatal diagnostics
  • Second opinions for genetic questions and genetic diagnostics
  • Cardiac and cerebral fetal diagnostics
  • Clarification of syndromes
  • Doppler diagnostics for all questions (IUGR, anemia, rhesus diagnostics, etc.)

+41 43 818 58 68

Prof. Dr. med. Josef Wisser,
Prof. Dr. med. Josef Wisser

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