Unfulfilled desire to have children and complications in pregnancy. What role does genetics play?

GYN & PERINATAL ZURICH > Unfulfilled desire to have children and complications during pregnancy. What role do genetics play?

A possible cause of an unfulfilled desire to have children or complications during pregnancy can be genetic predispositions, for example for celiac disease, pregnancy cholestasis or a coagulation disorder with a tendency to thrombosis - even if you do not notice any of these, feel healthy and have no family history of the condition.

Specific attention to medication efficacy is also of particular importance during this phase of life. The right drug and the right dose are particularly important during pregnancy and childbirth.

Genetic counseling and a genetic test in which certain genes are specifically analyzed can often provide clarity. If the test shows that you have an increased risk or need a dose adjustment for certain medications, we advise, accompany and support you with measures tailored to your individual needs.

This may include, for example, close monitoring, targeted dietary adjustments / supplements or the correct adjustment of medications. Our fertility panel analyzes the genetic predisposition to the following risks:

  • Coagulation disorders
  • Celiac disease and gluten intolerance
  • Disruption of folic acid metabolism
  • Pharmacogenetics (metabolism of drugs)
  • Cholestasis during pregnancy

Cost absorption for genetic counseling

The costs of genetic counseling are covered by the basic insurance, since it is considered a regular medical consultation and is billed according to Tarmed. In the case of a genetic analysis, a cost approval must be requested from the health insurance company.

The cost of the analysis is covered if the results play a decisive role in medical treatment. In the field of prevention, certain supplementary insurances cover the costs of consultation and analysis as an innovation factor. For detailed information on cost coverage in your specific case, we recommend that you contact your health insurance company.

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